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Algo coffee

Life in two equations

coffee + good friends = Happiness

coffee + meaningful work = happiness

World-class coffee delivered to your home. Ready when you are — however your day unfolds.

About us

ICe Brewed

There are many ways to make coffee, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. [Elaborate …]

Since we came across the Ice Brewed Coffee several years ago, we’ve never looked back since.

  • Low acidity

  • Reduced bitterness

  • Smooth aftertaste

The only downside is that it is a long and slow process — but that part is on us!

Freshly roasted in Bahrain

Great coffee doesn’t happen by accident. A lot of thought goes into each and every variable that affects the output. Our scientific approach is a never-ending pursuit of the illusive perfect cup of coffee. Everything from the type of beans, source of water, roasting temperature and duration, and brewing techniques affect the taste. According to a renowned Japanese coffee barista, the quality of a cup of coffee can be broken down into equal thirds: the quality of the water, the roast, and the brewing technique. It’s important to minimize the time between the roast and brew, which is why we brew all our beans locally in small batches that don’t last more than a few days.


  • Pay less for more

    • no physical store overheads

    • no unnecessary middlemen

    • small yet specialized team